WordPress vs Wix (2023) Which is better?

Are you trying to decide between building your website with WordPress Vs Wix (2023) which is better? Even though WordPress is the most widely used website builder in the world, there are other choices. Some of our customers requested that we conduct an in-depth comparison of WordPress and Wix after seeing Wix advertisements on television.

In this article, we’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of WordPress and Wix. We expect the Wix comparison and review will help you choose the best platform for your needs.

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1- Costs of WordPress vs Wix

The expense of site building is a significant element when picking your site developer stage. The entire cost of creating and keeping up with your site will altogether rely upon your requirements. Our goal is to guarantee that you can meet all of your needs within your budget.

Let’s look at how much Wix and WordPress cost to see which one gives you more for your money.

Comparison of Wix prices

Wix provides a free website builder. It does have two major drawbacks, though.

First, Place advertisements with the Wix brand at the top and bottom of your website. Second, you can’t utilize a custom space name for your webpage, so your site address will be: In addition, the basic plan does not include essential add-ons like Google Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce, and others. username.wix.com/sitenameYou will need to upgrade to one of their premium plans to get rid of ads and gain access to additional features in their app market.

Each Wix premium plan has its own set of bandwidth and storage restrictions. You can pay every month or every year.

The most economical option is the Wix Unlimited plan, which costs $12.50 per month. A Business & Ecommerce plan is required if you require eCommerce and business features.

Plans for eCommerce and websites for small businesses start at $17 per month. This price does not include any apps that you later decide to purchase from the Wix app market to use on your website, regardless of which plan you select.

Pricing Comparison for WordPress

it is open source, anyone can use the free WordPress software. We are frequently inquired why WordPress is free and what the catch is. The most significant drawback is that installing it requires both your domain name and web hosting. You can select from several WordPress hosting providers. See our aide on the most proficient method to pick the best WordPress facilitating organization.

You can start with a WordPress hosting provider like Bluehost’s basic plan, which costs $2.75 per month and comes with a free custom domain name, depending on your budget. If your spending plan grants, you can utilize an oversaw WordPress facilitating supplier like WP Motor which costs $29 each month.

If you use premium WordPress themes or plugins (similar to apps in WordPress), your WordPress site will cost more. On the other hand, you can save money by using thousands of free WordPress themes and plugins. Using a plugin, Your WordPress website can have any feature added without having to upgrade your hosting plan.

2- Comparison of Wix and WordPress

Because they do not wish to employ a website designer, the majority of novices select WordPress or Wix. You can make websites without knowing how to code with WordPress and Wix. Let’s see which one is simpler to use for people who don’t know much about coding.


Utilizing the platform’s extremely powerful WordPress block editor, you can edit your pages with a live preview. By incorporating blocks, you can create stunning layouts. Every common component, including text, headings, buttons, background images, galleries, and a lot more can be set up in blocks.

You can also use thousands of themes—website templates—that are available to you through WordPress. Using the live theme customizer, you can also completely customize each one.

Do you need even more ways to visually edit your website without using code?WordPress’s drag-and-drop page builder plugins are among the most user-friendly. You can create websites with a professional appearance without writing code with the additional tools provided by this drag-and-drop editor. A page builder like SeedProd or Divi, for instance, lets you create unique websites without writing any code.


If you want to create your website, Wix provides powerful yet simple-to-use tools. It has a straightforward drag-and-drop interface that lets you select any part of your website and begin editing it in a WYSIWYG format. In a user-friendly environment, you can move things around on your website, arrange things on pages, write content, and add media. This feature would be beneficial to many novices because it eliminates the need for them to deal with code.

3- Plugins and apps

Third-party extensions, like plugins and apps, can be used with your platform to add more features. They are referred to as plugins in the WordPress ecosystem, whereas Wix refers to them as apps. Let’s compare the features and apps of both platforms’ plugins and apps.


WordPress vs. Wix (2023) Which is better?

The WordPress.org plugin directory alone contains more than 59,000 free plugins as of the writing of this article. There is probably a WordPress plugin for every feature you can think of,” is a saying. There is a plugin for everything, from making a membership website to selling online courses to installing Google Analytics to creating a contact form. With WordPress, you can do just about anything. You can use a variety of paid and free plugins to make the website of your dreams.

WordPress vs. Wix (2023) Which is better?

You can add nearly 200 apps to your website with Wix. Adding contact forms, a gallery, comments, buttons for social media, email marketing, and other features are just a few of the many options available in these apps. There are numerous free or lite versions of the apps. Other apps have varying prices and require monthly payments. Although there are only a few apps, they provide the most frequently requested features for site owners.

4- Which blogging platform is better Word Press or Wix?

Many users are seeking an easier blogging platform. Blogs can be created with either WordPress or Wix. Let’s see which method does it better.

Blogging with WordPress

WordPress began as a platform for blogging and has since developed into a comprehensive website builder. It powers more than 43% of all websites today. It includes all the necessary blogging features, including a native commenting system and all the advanced features that Wix does not offer. You can design stunning layouts for your blog posts using the powerful Gutenberg block editor that comes with it. Most importantly, you can add any feature you can think of to your blog by using plugins.

Blogging with Wix

Wix makes it simple to add a blog section to your website. It has all of the essential features for blogging that you’ll use frequently. Examples include archives, photos, videos, categories, and tags.WordPress comments are quicker and easier to manage than those on Wix blogs. A lot of people end up installing third-party commenting systems like Facebook or Disqus, both of which require users to sign up for an account. Additionally, it lacks several features, including private post creation and backdating. The composing point of interaction for blog entries isn’t equivalent to the Wix web designer. Instead, it makes use of a plain text editor with very few formatting options.

5- Portability of data

You can move your content wherever you need to with data portability. Let’s look at how Wix and WordPress make it easier and use your content elsewhere.

Options for transferring data in WordPress

WordPress is a legitimate content management system that makes exporting content incredibly simple. It comes with an exporter that downloads your content in XML format with just one click. You can also manually export your WordPress database, download your media files, and create complete WordPress backups because it is a self-hosted platform. If you are dissatisfied with your current WordPress hosting provider, you can easily transfer your website to a new host.

Wix’s data portability options

Wix accompanies exceptionally restricted choices to move your substance to another stage. You can only export posts from your blog in XML format. Your pages, images, videos, and other content will need to be manually downloaded. According to the Wix documentation, you are unable to export any of your content to any other location.

If you need to move your content to another platform, this makes it a little bit harder. A Wix site can still be transferred, though. For more information, see our article on migrating from WordPress to Wix.